Tuesday, February 28, 2017


One, bright November Morning
Where the birds were abound and chirping
The sky was blue, and the grass were wet
And there we first met

Laughter and endless conversations
Of life and its frustrations
And yet, no matter how far we are from each other
Time spent with you only gets even better

Isn't it funny how destiny has cast her hand
As we both were brought to a distant land
Strangers we both began
And yet, fate has written its own plan

You fill my life with happiness
When there once was emptiness
I know I could never find anyone else like you
For our bond is pure and true

You are my North Star
A beacon, guiding from a far
The anchor in a stormy sea
The one true thing, God has given me

Originally written by jigs pasamba for  "B"

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Sometimes people come and go in our lives to teach us of life's lessons to make us better as we continue our journey through life... There are times when we try to reminisce fond moments of lost loves... Hoping that in time the right one would come along... And sometimes, when we least expect, destiny would lead you to the right one... When that time comes... YOU SIMPLY KNOW

originally written by jigs june 11, 2014, philippines

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Your Secret Admirer

The first time we met,
I never thought what I'd felt,
My whole heart, had just wept
And I thought I would melt.

All the things I kept,
Gives me a feeling of hatred,
That has destroyed my health
And had lost so much weight.

By the time, you find me laughing,
You will never know what I'm really feeling.
I'm only waiting,
For your endless loving.

That you'd know me better,
That I am not just an eager beaver.
But a love seeker,
And your secret admirer

-originally written by jigs in 1991

Thoughts on Friendship

My friend, I hate to do this,
But, our friendship just can't last.
The times, we've shared together,
Have faded to the past.

I told you this would happen,
Our friendship was bound to end,
Although, I know you cared,
I no longer consider you a friend.

Please don't try to argue,
But, try to understand.
That time, can change two people
As the tide, can change the sand.

Our friendship, had been lovely.
But you see, it has to end.
For I look at you in a different way,
I have fallen in love with you My Friend.

-originally written by jigs in 1991

There is Someone Else There in your Heart

I looked around, and saw that you were not  there.
I looked again, thinking you  were just somewhere.
But, somehow, i guess, it's easy to see,
You're just not there, not there, waiting for me.

Your thoughts never left my mind,
There's always your face, your face that glows.
Your memories taunt me everyday,
I want you to come back, come back and stay.

Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm not.
But, it's driving me insane,
How I wish I could  see you again,
To hear your voice, every now and then.

But I know, deep down
I can never have you back
Because, somewhere, somehow,
There's someone else there, in your heart.

-originally written by jigs 1991

Please... Say you love me...

I miss the good times we once shared,
Especially all those sweet things you've said.
Now, even a single "How are you?" I don't hear,
How will I let you know that I'm still here?

I really don't know what went wrong,
We were so close before,
The bond of friendship between us was so strong.
But now, we kid each other no more.

You used to call me everyday,
Just to make sure that I'm doing okay.
But, lately you seem so far away.
Is "Hello" really that hard to say?

I keep showing you that I care,
You just ignore it, it's so not fair!
It's hurting me don't you see?
So, Please... Say again that you love me...

originally written by jigs in 1991